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Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Advances in Modern Physics: From a Helium Droplet to the Universe

International workshop dedicated to Grigory Volovik's 75 anniversary

Chernogolovka, Russia, September 6 - 7, 2021

On September 7, 2021, the outstanding theoretical physicist Grigory "Grisha" Volovik will turn 75, with more than 50 years of those devoted to Physics. His works made important contributions to our understanding of superfluidity, superconductivity, topology in condensed matter and cosmology. The broad scope of his scientific interests are beneficial for his colleagues at the Landau Institute and at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University. In honour of this anniversary, we bring together his former students, colleagues, and friends to present recent advances in both the experiment and the theory.

Due to covid-19 limitations the Workshop will be organized in the mixed mode. If you are interested to participate in the Workshop, please visit the registration page


The workshop will take place in the mixed format (local participants in person and distant participants online) in Chernogolovka, a research center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located 60 km from the center of Moscow, in Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics.


      Igor Burmistrov
      Yakov Fominov
      Igor Kolokolov


      Beginning of Workshop: September 6, 2021
      Closing of Workshop: September 7, 2021
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